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Surrogate Compensations

How much is compensation for surrogates?

Surrogate mothers’ compensation consists of a few components. Final bonus paid after live birth of a healthy child starts with $15,000. Monthly salary loss compensation starts with $400 a month. We pay from $200 for embryo transfer attempt. All medical tests and procedures, as well as all travels and apartment rent in Kyiv during last 2 months of pregnancy, maternity clothes, general medical insurance, documents filing, legal services are paid for by intended parents and Ukrainian Surrogates Agency. We will never deduct your expenses from your compensation!

How much do other agencies pay?

Generally, surrogate compensation level is pretty much the same in Ukraine. Usually Kyiv agencies pay better because it is capital. You need to take into account distance for often travels to IVF clinic, who will stay with your child when you travel, logistics of your route.

Some agencies may offer much more than others do. Is it a real thing? Answering this may be confusing. Ukrainian Surrogates offers a free consultation about surrogate compensation with comparison analysis by our experienced surrogate manager. Contact us to set up a time for consultation to compare the compensation from different agencies with no obligations from your side!

When are surrogate compensations paid to me?

Embryo transfer compensation is due to you next working day after HCG pregnancy test. Your monthly salary loss compensation is paid to you monthly on the 30th day after your positive HCG test date throughout the duration of your pregnancy. Your final remuneration is delivered to you in two installments, the first shortly after delivery of the child while signing applications for birth certificate issuance with intended parents, notary, lawyer and translator, and the second after visiting consulate of intended parents’ country with our lawyer and translator.

When will embryo transfer take place?

Before you start endometrium preparation for embryo transfer, you will need to file your surrogate application, notarized husband’s permission for surrogacy program and registering intended parents as legal parents of the children, undergo medical tests, ultrasounds and screening, sign your contract, obtain your individual protocol of medications and receive medications.

What are other benefits or compensations for the surrogates?

Complete medical checkup, short-term medical treatment if necessary, maternity clothing, C-section fee, twins carrying fee, psychologist support throughout the journey, legal counsel, medical insurance, cancelled cycle, pregnancy termination, selective reduction, reproductive organ loss, compensation for hospitalization are usually offered.

Personalized care by an experienced manager, who will guide you throughout the process until you successfully give birth to the child, which means that a Ukrainian Surrogates Agency employee, who knows all the details about you and your journey (you will not have to worry about working with someone who doesn’t even know your name), will always support you!

Do you have a social media for communications?

Ukrainian Surrogates supports a private online Facebook group for surrogates to connect and share feelings, experiences and support. You can also find Ukrainian Surrogates Agency on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Are my travel expenses covered?

Yes, all your necessary travel expenses are covered like to your IVF clinic for the screening and transfer, pregnancy monitoring, delivery. When you relocate to Kyiv for months 8 and 9 you may want to bring children, husband, other relatives to stay with you. We’ll cover their roundtrip tickets, too!


What do I have do to be a surrogate?

First, please, review our list of surrogate requirements to see if you qualify. Then, please, fill out our online surrogate application and our experienced surrogate manager will contact you by phone!


Popular questions from surrogate carriers’ candidates
While you are thinking about the surrogacy process, you have questions, which you can see answered by our experienced managers on staff, who successfully have helped many women throughout their surrogacy journeys.

Who pays for my medical expenses?

Ukrainian Surrogates Agency will pay most of the bills related to your screening, pregnancy and delivery. Some expense are covered by medical insurance, some by additional payments by intended parents. If there are any additional unexpected costs, your intended parents will cover those costs. The family you work with will pay for all medical procedures and expenses related to your surrogate pregnancy.

Do I have to pay anything to become a surrogate?

No, all your expenses related to the surrogacy process will be paid for by the family you are matched with via

Ukrainian Surrogates Agency, such as your screening and everything agreed upon in the contract, including all healthcare throughout your surrogate pregnancy and birth.

Surrogacy is set the way to provide you, the surrogate, both financial and emotional rewards. The Ukrainian Surrogates Agency guarantees that this is exactly what happens.

Why should I trust Ukrainian Surrogates?

The Ukrainian Surrogates Agency is one of the leaders in surrogacy services, with over 20 years of experience helping world people grow their families. Prime IVF clinics are working with Ukrainian Surrogates, we are members of professional associations and advocacy groups in Ukraine and in European Union and USA as a part of our ongoing work to promote Ukrainian surrogacy.

Is there a single type of women, who usually become surrogates?

No, there is no single type; all types of women become surrogates. Businesswomen, stay-home moms, cooks, cashiers, sales women, former military and government service women – all women who enjoy feeling of pregnancy, women who want to help an infertile couple to gain a goal in life, and many, many more.

Of course, for all surrogates financial remuneration is a definitive factor, which helps to make surrogate pregnancy possible. However, money is only one of many other rewarding aspects of the surrogacy process. Women become surrogates because of many different and diverse reasons.

In order to be prepared for surrogacy journey women are always better to be in good reproductive and overall health, well organized, duly informed, and have support from the close relatives and friends.

Do you think you are ready to help a family grow, and make some money of a surrogacy program?

Greatest thing about surrogacy is that two families benefit from it: surrogate’s and intended parents’. Intended parents receive your gift of parenting for lifetime, and surrogate makes surrogacy compensation, which helps her own family. You can use your compensation for many things, such as tuition, renovation, children education and much more!

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