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Why Surrogates Choose Ukrainian Surrogates?

The most pleasant and independent experience is with Ukrainian Surrogates

Being a surrogate is a very fulfilling experience. Ukrainian Surrogates stands out from other agencies because of our long and successful history, personal experience with surrogacy, our short match times and Ukrainian Surrogates professional and kind service for surrogates, egg donors and, of course, intended parents.

When you start research on how to become a gestational surrogate, you will see that there are many surrogacy agencies you can work with. You’d better look for an agency which answers your requests, meets your expectations, and lets you reach surrogacy goals you have.

Ukrainian Surrogates have been making people parents over 20 years. We have spent a lot of time perfecting our surrogacy programs to offer gestational surrogates best support, competitive compensations and benefits, to protect surrogates during their journeys, and to provide you with the most positive experience.

Guaranteed Pay, Security and Support

Ukrainian Surrogates promise:

– Guaranteed Compensation. Ukrainian Surrogates make sure your intended parents always paid in full and on time.
– No medical liability. Ukrainian Surrogates takes care of medical bills related to your journey.
– We guarantee you match with intended parents in less than a month after your screening.
– Ukrainian Surrogates have the best matching times. Our intended parents are excited to start their surrogacy journeys and, they are waiting for the perfect match.
– Your surrogate manager will guide you through the application process, the screening process, embryo transfer and pregnancy until delivery, and will get to know you a lot. She’ll help you with a match. You will always be in the best hands of someone who has your best interests a top priority.

20 years Ukrainian Surrogates successfully support surrogates

Ukrainian Surrogates have a 99.5% success rate and over 400 children in the last 20 years!

Our surrogacy programs and processes have our gestational carriers in mind and are the best because we have listened to them, and made our process and support to our surrogates even stronger over the years.

If you find a better condition at another agency, we will do our best to offer you the same.

Questions for surrogate candidates to ask other surrogacy agencies they want to compare:

1. How do you make sure a surrogate gets all of her compensation in case intended parents run out of funds?
2. How do you guarantee a surrogate doesn’t have to pay medical bills on the surrogacy?
3. How soon can you match me with intended parents?
4. What kind of support do you have for your surrogates, and who provides it?
5. What is your agency’s success rate for surrogacy programs?

Ukrainian Surrogates offer a guarantee of compensation, a guarantee of medical bills payments, a guarantee of super-fast match times, a guarantee of the best support, and a 99.5% success rate.

Become a Surrogate

How do I apply to become a surrogate?

First, please, review our list of surrogate requirements to see if you qualify. Then, please, fill out our online surrogate application and our experienced surrogate manager will contact you by phone within 24 hours!

Why do I need a surrogacy lawyer?

Every surrogate candidate who comes to the Ukrainian Surrogates will have our in-house lawyer’s assistance to navigate the contracts and other stages of the process. Your lawyer is skilled in surrogacy law, and is already paid for by your intended parents.

For any queries or assistance please call: