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Valeria and Prigozhin want children from surrogate mother

Valeriya_Russian_singerJosef Prigozhin told about his dream of having a baby from his wife Valeria. They are thinking about surrogacy as last resort in case they won’t have a baby through physiological pregnancy.
Prigozhin already have two children from his first marriage, but with present wife Valeria he doesn’t. He wants children indeed and ready to consider all possible options.

Quote – “I really want to have our own child with Valeria, who I could take on my hands, nourish and become a baby-sitter. If in early 2-3 years we won’t have a baby in physiological way, maybe we’ll realize this dream with the help of a surrogate mother. Time is going and that’s why I want to make 2-3 years break in my tours and help Valeria to become a mother.”

Just reminding that several days ago it became known that prima Alla Pugachova and famous showman Maksim Galkin became parents of twins. Newborn children came into the world with the help of a surrogate mother and Pugachova’s frozen for 11 years eggs.

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