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What opinions are true and what are false among those who plan to go through surrogate motherhood

After communicating with several families who went through surrogate motherhood and several surrogate mothers, it became clear that there are common opinions on this matter. During the process, it became clear which concepts were true and which were false. Surrogate mother Laura from the UK had two easy pregnancies and adored her two children. Having learned that her brother’s wife cannot carry a child for medical reasons, she decided to become a surrogate mother for them. Laura was driven by the desire to help her brother’s family experience the joy of parenthood. The same desire was prominent for Ariel, she simply wanted to help any family in need. Therefore, she became a surrogate mother for a family selected by the agency. So we can say with confidence that for the vast majority of surrogate mothers, it is the desire to help and not the desire to earn money that is significant. Sophie’s family and her husband went through five miscarriages and received the sad diagnosis of the inability to carry a pregnancy on their own. After learning about this, Sophie’s friend offered to become a surrogate mother for them. It took Sophie almost six months to overcome her fears that she would not be able to feel like the mother of a child she did not give birth to herself. The same thoughts did not leave Victoria while she and her husband decided on surrogate motherhood. But having decided and going through this path, Victoria and Sophie now say that these fears were useless and groundless. And what a feeling when they took their children in their arms, it was a real mother’s love.

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