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What surrogacy provides to intended parents and gestational carriers

The advantages of gestational surrogacy for the intended parents seem obvious due to the possibility of supplementing the family for those who have infertility or diseases that do not allow pregnancy, for LGBT couples or single people. At the same time, a genetic connection with the intended parents is allowed, since their biological material or donor material, if necessary, can be used to create an embryo. Therefore, an embryo created with the help of in vitro fertilization (IVF) is transferred to the uterus of a surrogate mother and does not have any genetic connection with her. Therefore, with gestational surrogacy, a legal contract must be signed between the intended parents and the surrogate mother, which outlines the expectations of each party from this process. For a surrogate mother, the benefits are a unique experience with a deep sense of elation and satisfaction from being able to help another family. It is also reasonable financial compensation for the loss of time and physical stress associated with the process of pregnancy and childbirth. Thanks to this, the surrogate mother can improve the financial situation of her own family.

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