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What the surrogate mother who gave children to five different families says

In the United States, every eighth couple suffers from infertility. One of the methods on the way to parenthood is surrogate motherhood. Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Gabrielle Union have also reported using this method. Surrogate motherhood is attracting more and more attention, and therefore 43-year-old Angela, who is now pregnant for her fifth family, shares her experience. Angela is a nurse by education, has a husband and five children. After meeting another nurse who had already been a surrogate mother and talked about this experience, Angela immediately felt the desire to help another family experience the joy of parenthood. After going to the reproductive clinic recommended to her, six months later pregnancy occurred for the first family of intended parents. It was a pleasant pregnancy and the joy that Angela felt after each ultrasound was tripled by the happiness of the intended parents. And seeing the expressions on parents’ faces when they hold their child or children for the first time is absolutely priceless. So for Angela, surrogate motherhood is an example of incomparable joy, and the birth of children for other people is much more than you can think at first glance.

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