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Why turn to surrogate motherhood?

Let’s consider the main reasons for which people turn to a surrogate mother to increase their family. When a woman crosses the forty-year mark, her ability to get pregnant drops significantly. Therefore, it is very often necessary to use a surrogate mother due to age. There are women who can easily get pregnant, but it is impossible to carry and give birth to a child due to problems that cannot be treated. For single women or men, surrogate motherhood is also a way to start a family. A common reason for seeking help from a surrogate mother is infertility, it can be for many reasons and can affect any of the intended parents. It is also a way out for those who want to have their own children and therefore do not consider the option of adoption. When hysterectomy or other abnormalities of the uterus and childbirth become impossible due to these physical problems, then the help of a surrogate mother is also necessary. For same-sex couples who cannot conceive a child naturally, surrogacy is the best option. Even surrogate motherhood is turned to because of past traumas and those who, due to personal decisions, cannot carry a pregnancy.

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