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Surrogacy is absolutely what I want to do

The number of parents having a baby using a surrogate in England and…

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New Law Expands Access to ART For LGBTQ People in Australia

Sweeping changes have been announced to In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) laws in the…

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IVF pregnancies do not require routine fetal echocardiogram monitoring.

Contrary to current recommendations in the USA, routine fetal echocardiogram screening may not…

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New communication discovered between human embryos and mother.

A team of scientists based in the UK have identified an exciting new…

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Functional sperm developed from mouse pluripotent stem cells.

Researchers in Japan have successfully demonstrated the development of functional sperm cells that…

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IVF Boost: Monash researchers use acoustic waves to select high-quality sperm.

• Monash University researchers have used acoustic waves and fluid dynamics to develop…

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How sperm remember

Discovery identifies non-DNA mechanism involved in transmitting paternal experience to offspring. It has…

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No growth or development differences for children conceived via IVF

Compared to newborns conceived traditionally, newborns conceived through in vitro fertilization (IVF) are…

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Microfluidics system automates embryo freezing and reduces cryoinjuries

An automated embryo freezing process has been developed to reduce the likelihood of…

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